Mcbiff Haunted Tiki Room Tea Timer shirt! Made in the USA.


*If you buy this shirt here, you CANNOT pick it up at Tiki Oasis 2022. I will have a very small stock of these garments for T.O. But it is not guaranteed. If you get this shirt today, on this website, It will be mailed out to you by the middle of August, 2022. This design is in full production right now and will be fully delivered to me about August 15th.

The Mcbiff Tea Timer shirt. 100% cotton. The pattern was modeled directly from a 1950's tea timer pattern. This is shirt features the Haunted Tiki Room design that was inspired by the now Empty Oceanic Arts building. This is my tribute to Oceanic arts and the spirits that now haunt it. This skirt is 100% cotton. Made right here in Los Angeles, CA. USA.

This item is a limited edition design with no more being made in this Color Palette. Please see the size chart for your size. We cannot accept returns or exchanges. So, please bear in mind, once you purchase this. It's yours, forever. If it arrives damaged or some crazy act of god happened, we will do what we can to refund you.

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